Wall heating

HEAT boards for wall heating

Boards HEAT for walls radiant heating are made from best quality german components, where the basic bearing material is ....plasterfibre board Fermacell and pipes REHAU-Rehautherm – S 10, 1mm, which are put by milling cutter to the back part of the board.

Plaster fibre board Fermacell is thick 15mm and its basic dimension is wide 625mm, height it’s possible to adapt, whereupon the standard is 2625mm. Board doesnt contain any chemicals, it’s made of 80% plaster and 20%paper. Plaster and paper are fully mixed and under big pressure pressed down to required thickness. Company Fermacell is one of the oldest in Europe, which deals with this production, this company exists over 100years.Pipes which are inserted into board are from the company Rehau. Pipes has oxygen barrier and they are electronic controlled at the production, which safeguards their thickness and technical parameters, which are declared. These two main components make radiant heating board HEAT. Board convenient for walls heating or cooling was certified by EN 13037 in engineering industry laboratory institute s.p.Brno

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